Little Caria Organic Mulberry Syrup | Extract - USDA Organic, Mediterranean Superfood, 11.6 oz

We make Little Caria Organic Mulberry Syrup by pressing the freshest ripe mulberries from our family-owned farm in beautiful Isparta, Turkey. Mulberries are known for their vibrant, earthy, and sweet-tart flavor as well as their superfood properties, including a high antioxidant and vitamin content. We believe in raising our crops with care and letting the ingredients speak for themselves in all of our products. You won’t find any refined sugars, additives, dairy, gluten, or preservatives in Little Caria Mediterranean delicacies. Try our prized mulberry extract baked into muffins, blended into smoothies, drizzled over fresh salads or grilled vegetables, or brushed onto seared meat for a one-ingredient glaze. You’ll love the sweet, fruity flavor without the added sugars.