Seda Salty Handmade Cookies - Bagel

Salty Bagel: The Most Delicious of Traditional Flavors

10 oz / 300g

Salty bagels are an essential part of Mediterranean cuisine and are indispensable for special occasions and celebrations. With their perfect balance of symmetry and taste, these bagels leave an unforgettable flavor on the palate with each bite.

The most prominent feature of Salty Bagels is their crispy outer crust and soft inner texture. The sesame seeds sprinkled on top add both visual appeal and flavor. Additionally, the amount of salt used in making the bagels distinguishes them from sweet bagels, giving them a unique taste.

Salty Bagels are a staple on breakfast tables. They are also preferred as snacks during lunch breaks. Ideal for serving on special occasions or when hosting guests, Salty Bagels are always a fresh and delicious option.

Remaining an all-time favorite among traditional Mediterranean flavors, Salty Bagels continue to delight everyone.