Seda Salty Handmade Cookies - Bow Tie

Bow Tie Salty Cookies: Where Elegance Meets Flavo

10 oz / 300g

Bow-tie salty cookies offer a magnificent combination of elegance and taste. With their graceful appearance, these cookies catch attention and provide a delightful taste experience with every bite.

The sesame or nigella seeds sprinkled on top add visual appeal and enrich their flavor.

The greatest feature of these salty cookies is their crispy outer crust and soft inner texture. The salty taste felt with every bite delights the palate, while the crunchy texture adds another layer of enjoyment.

Bow tie salty cookies are ideal for tea-time snacks, party essentials, or as treats for special occasions. They are perfect for impressing guests or indulging yourself.

Combining traditional flavors with a modern touch, bow-tie salty cookies will become everyone's favorite.